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Natural fertility is the conception of a normal child, usually the first time a couple make love without using contraception. About 1/3 of couples who are aged between about 23 and 34 will experience this. For those who take longer to conceive, even only two or three months, there is an associated greatly increased risk of miscarriage. Why? Because infertility or reduced fertility is an indication that a woman or man's body is unhealthy or somehow out of balance. Fortunately a high proportion of couples can be helped through quite simple changes in lifestyle provided they are prepared to make personal effort.

IVF is now a multi-million dollar business and most couples with problems are referred immediately to IVF clinics as soon as they experience problems. However, when infertility is treated 'artificially' by drugs and technical interventions such as IVF, babies have a higher risk of many different types of problems. Research by Professor Mary Croughan's group in California has shown that children born to couples who experienced infertility were nearly three times more likely to suffer from autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizures and cancer. Other health problems are also more likely in the couples themselves. Infertile men have a greatly increased risk of developing testicular cancer. Even if technical help is needed, lifestyle changes should be adopted first in order to protect the baby's future health and to reduce the chances of serious problems.

Healthy lifestyle - the key to natural fertility: using a Lifestyle Questionnaire

Although it is now agreed that living a healthy lifestyle is the first step in natural fertility, most practitioners have very little idea of the breadth of activities that can affect health and fertility, in particular. My own experience of interviewing couples for thirty years has demonstrated that there are very diverse aspects of lifestyle and daily living that need to be considered. I routinely use a questionnaire to evaluate couples and identify their risk factors. This questionnaire has been developed gradually over 30 years and has been added to and altered as my own research or other published research has revealed more information. I am frequently very surprised by couples' answers and caution any practitioner who thinks that they can evaluate lifestyle without an objective tool. Simply interviewing people carries a high risk or overlooking critical factors. Couples can access my questionnaire on-line, and receive advice that addresses the problems detected - there is almost always more than one issue that needs to be addressed. Couples often find it helpful to receive some counselling after answering the questionnaire (by email or phone from Australia) because it is impossible to anticipate all the individual issues that might apply. Practitioners who would like to use my questionnaire in their own clinics, should contact me by email.

Conventional Medicine, Naturopathy and Fertility

Conventional medicine has become synonymous with illness rather than wellness. It is closely aligned with pharmaceuticals and technological intervention and rarely places much emphasis on cause. Within medical faculties, prevention is frequently confused with early intervention. Naturopathy is a clinical approach that uses the person's own resources or various natural therapies to assist healing. This can be an important adjunct to recovery from infertility but it is still a treatment. The ez-fertility approach differs from most others because it seeks to identify and remove the causes of infertility and miscarriage. Once the bad habits or conditions are identified, infertility and miscarriage can automatically and immediately resolve.

Who is Dr Judy Ford?

Dr Judy Ford is a geneticist whose current research covers genetics, physiological, lifestyle and environmental interactions in fertility. In 2001 the South Australian Investigator Science Centre acknowledged her as one of the 14 key South Australian science innovators of the 20th Century for her work on health and lifestyle. Dr Ford has thirty five years experience working in health-related multidisciplinary research and extensive experience communicating to clinical, scientific and lay audiences.

Information about how to optimise health is frequently given by self-proclaimed experts. Consequently the health information given is frequently incorrect, biased, incomplete or out-of-date. Since it is very difficult for even a current researcher to be in touch with all the latest findings in health research, it is extraordinarily difficult for anyone else. Thousands of new health-related research papers are published every year and only someone who is familiar with all the medical and scientific terminology has a chance of teasing out the health information and translating it into practical advice. Even then, the task is continuous as new research results are emerging every day.


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