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Dr Judy Ford

Dr Judy Ford's research was inspired by a little boy she met when she was aged only seven. This little boy had Down's syndrome and found difficulty joining in the children's games. Judy made a resolution then that she would try to resolve the cause of this problem in her lifetime.

Judy trained as a geneticist, obtaining her doctorate in genetics from the University of Sydney in 1971. Soon after she was examining the effects of stress during pregnancy on miscarriage in mice before she went on to study the mechanisms underlying errors of chromosome division in humans. This work earned her an international reputation however Judy was dissatisfied because she realised that no-one understood the habits of life and lifestyle that might cause the cells to make errors. From the late 1970's onwards, she pursued laboratory work with an outside interest in understanding lifestyle. Her first 'official' work on lifestyle started with a Government grant in 1987 to examine the effects of lifestyle on pregnancy outcome. Very little work had even considered lifestyle to this point and Judy regrets that their study was not as well designed as it could be now. She has used this research as a springboard and has been gradually developing tools and writing books to help couples understand what they are doing wrong and how to correct it.

 In 2001 the South Australian Investigator Science Centre acknowledged Dr Judy Ford as one of the 14 key South Australian science innovators of the 20th Century for her work on fertility and lifestyle.

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