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It Takes Two - a comprehensive book about male and female fertility and the factors that influence them. Available as a book and an e-book. The e-book is more recently updated

Build sperm with attitude - a concise book on male infertility. Available as a book and an e-book.

Starting you family after 35 - an e-book for older would-be mums

Making love & babies - an e-book about relationships, sexuality and sexual technique

Temperature Chart - an e-book guide to interpreting a temperature chart

On-line lifestyle evaluation - an extensive and unique questionnaire that can be answered on-line. After answering the questions, the client receives a detailed written report

Personal counselling - available by email or telephone. Please contact Dr Judy Ford to arrange this and the costs involved. It is preferred that clients read the e-books and/or answer the questionnaire before counselling as many of the questions will be answered and the consultation will be shorter and less expensive.



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